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Police unions were not formally recognized until 1919 when the AFL granted its first charter to the Boston Policemen’s Organization. However, there were several large cities that started their own associations without the backing or support from the AFL or CIO. The oldest law enforcement organization, The Texas Police Association, organized in Fort Worth on March 6, 1895.

Approximately 1,100 miles away and 14 years later, in the tenth largest city in the United States at the time, the Police Officer’s Protective Association of the City of Milwaukee was founded.

On June 22, 1909, at 8:45 PM, thirteen officers of the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) held a meeting at Station Number 5 on N. 4th St. and W. Hadley St.


Dale Bormann, Jr.

[ President ]


Dale Bormann, Jr. has served with the Milwaukee Police Department since 1996.  Dale is currently the President of the Milwaukee Police Association.  Prior to being President, Dale has served as the Vice President and a Trustee of the Milwaukee Police Association.  Before becoming Vice President, Dale was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Bureau working on burglary, robbery, violent crimes, and financial crime cases.  Dale is also currently the CEO and President of the Milwaukee Police Association Fallen Heroes, Inc. 

Andrew Wagner

[ Vice President ]


Andrew Wagner has served with the Milwaukee Police Department since 1997.  Andrew is currently the Vice President of the Milwaukee Police Association.  Prior to his role as Vice President, Andrew was assigned to the Sensitive Crimes Division where he was part of the Domestic Violence High Risk Team.  Andrew has instructed other law enforcement officers and District Attorneys from around the state on best practices in investigating crimes against women and children. Andrew was also on several specialty teams including MIRT and the Underwater Investigation Unit.

Danilo Cardenas

[ Secretary/Treasurer]


Danilo Cardenas is a 19-year veteran of the Milwaukee Police Department and has had assignments in patrol and the Sensitive Crimes Division of the Criminal Investigation Bureau. He is currently a Police Liaison Officer for the Milwaukee Police Association as the Secretary/Treasurer. Danilo served 23 years in the military, in both the U.S. Marine Corps and Illinois Army National Guard where he earned a Bronze Star for Service in Afghanistan. Danilo was born and raised in Chicago but has called Milwaukee home for almost 20 years and believes Milwaukee is the best city for festivals. He is service oriented and enjoys helping others, which is a major reason for his decision to serve on the Board of the Milwaukee Police Association. He is also the President of a non-profit organization of law enforcement officers that gives back to the community.  Danilo is an avid baseball fan and has traveled to almost every MLB ballpark.


Executive Officers

Alexander Ayala

[ C.I.B. Early Shift ]

Michael Lees

[ C.I.B. Late Shift ]

William Hanney

[ SPD Early Power ]

Matthew Bongel

[ D2 Days ]

Board of Trustees

Office Staff

Candy Johnson

[ Secretary ]

Sami Bormann

Legal Counsel

[ Secretary - Supervisor ]

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