I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday and has a safe New Year's celebration!

After 26 1/2 years, I'm retiring, effective midnight tonight.

I've been blessed with the greatest career I could have ever imagined and I have nothing but the fondest memories of my experiences. I thank Jesus for allowing me the opportunity to serve on the Milwaukee Police Department and with the Milwaukee Police Association! It's been a helluva ride!

I wanted to say to all of my members that it's been my honor to work side by side with you on the street, as well as serve you on the executive level as your union Steward, Trustee, Treasurer, Vice President, and ultimately your President. You are the greatest group of people I've ever known and it's been a privilege to be by your side for so long! You are truly my brothers and sisters!

Please stay safe out there and always remember what it is that we do and why we do it. No matter what may be going with the politics of the job, contract negotiations, negative press, etc., just remember that we are here to save lives! It's our duty. It's our ethos. We must never lose focus of this mission, it's what we do!

Please continue to carry out your duty in honor of those that didn't return home from their tour:

- Wendolyn Tanner - Chuckie Irvine Jr. - Michael Michalski - Matthew Rittner - The dozens and dozens of fallen MPD officers not listed

To the citizens of Milwaukee, I wish you a safe and prosperous future! I can assure you that you have the finest officers in the country out there ready to answer your call 24hrs a day to help you. Whatever it takes to keep you safe, my officers will risk it, guaranteed, and you're worth it!


Shawn C. Lauda President Milwaukee Police Association

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