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Police Officer Paul DuPlanty

1 year, 3 months
435 Military Veteran
End of Watch: 
Tuesday, November 9, 1971

Incident Details

:On November 9, 1971, Officer Paul Du Planty was walking his beat in the area of State and Wells Streets alongside the Stadium Expressway, when he saw a vehicle that had spun out on a slippery spot of the snow-covered expressway and stalled in the middle lane. Officer Du Planty radioed to the Sherriff’s Department about the situation and walked over to assist the stranded motorist and direct traffic.

A vehicle driving too fast could not stop for the slowed traffic and struck another vehicle. The vehicle slammed into Officer Du Planty knocking him over the guardrail and off the bridge. Officer Du Planty radioed that he had fallen from the bridge and said he was hurt and needed help. He never mentioned being struck by the car. He died about two hours later at County General Hospital.

Officer Du Planty was 26-years-old and had been on the force just over one year.