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Sergeant Michael Tourmo

18 Years
Not Available
End of Watch: 
Sunday, November 18, 1990

Incident Details:

Sergeant Michael Tourmo was responding to a call of a burglary in progress at the North Avenue Smoke Shop, 2533 W. North Ave, at 6:55 on a Sunday morning. He was the first officer on scene and chased two suspects from the scene. The chase went through several yards, and one of the suspects fired as many as eight or nine shots at Sergeant Tourmo. One of those bullets struck Sergeant Tourmo in the head.

Additional officers joined the chase and one suspect surrendered to police. The other suspect continued running but a short distance later threw the gun and surrendered. A third suspect who was not being chased was arrested nearby in connection with the break-in. All three men (ages 20, 29 and 30) all had extensive criminal records.

Sergeant Tourmo had served the Milwaukee Police Department just short of 18 years before he was killed. He was 36-years-old. He left behind his wife Brenda and three children, all under the age of 5.